Club Officers

President — Bill Clark

I grew up in a central Indiana family that canned or froze three years worth of corn, beans, tomatoes, peaches, and apples every year. Currently I am doing a minimum of vegetable gardening, but I am looking forward to building a hoop house to do it the right way, hopefully with less labor. I raised chrysanthemums commercially in Indiana (garden mums not show mums) and find that mums, irises and roses do well in southern Arizona.

Vice President — Jane Hartling

I have lived in Michigan; San Diego, California; and Hawaii before settling in Sierra Vista almost 7 years ago. Every time I moved, I was surprised that what I missed about each place was the plants, especially fragrant flowers. Now that I am retired and have time to enjoy gardening, I’ve tackled the steep learning curve here as I transition from growing Hawaiian papayas, coconuts, and bananas to high desert plants. My front yard is xeriscaped, but I’ve created my little green oasis in the back yard. I’ve always lived near water, so, of course, my garden features a fountain. Except for digging holes for plants, I love it! So far, I’ve mostly learned how much I don’t yet know!

Secretary — Mary Strom

Treasurer — Donna Blackburn

Donna is a certified Master Gardener graduating in 2007, and an expert on roses. Donna and her husband Cliff (also a certified Master Gardener) have been growing roses in the high desert since 1979. There are currently over 250 rose plants in their yard in Sierra Vista, including Grand Floras, Hybrid Teas, Florabunda, Miniature, Micro Miniature, Climbing, and Tree Roses. Donna is also growing Dwarf Japanese Maples in containers, Bougainvilla, and believe it or not, in this dry, high desert, Hostas! A lover of humming birds, Donna always has something growing in her yard to attract the hummers: Agastache, Penstemon, and Salvia. Donna and Cliff have a yard that is a work in progress, with ever changing landscapes matching ever changing attitudes. “There is always room for one more rose plant.”

Member-at-Large — Vacant